Make Zombies Great Again!

New host

The server has been moved to a new host.
As always, you can connect using our permanent IP: mtasa://

Login panel

Account recovery has been improved. Players will no longer have to enter their username in order to recover their account, instead an email address will be required. The recovery email will contain usernames of all accounts registered with that email address. Username recovery feature has been made redundant and thus removed.

Some other changes include an ability to login using the return key and an increased maximum password length when registering.

Be The Zombie

Happy holidays everyone. Today we bring you a new gameplay element to Epic-Row.
Players can now become infected with the zombie virus. The infection has multiple stages.

Stage 1

This is the beginning of the viral infection. Players can become infected by coming into contact with walkers or eating zombie flesh. The afflicted may experience symptoms such as choking, vomiting, impaired vision and poor coordination.
The first stage of the infection can be fully cured using the antidote, which can be purchased at the drug store.

Stage 2

At this point, the infection can no longer be cured. Antidote will only suppress the progression for 5 minutes (5 in-game hours).

Stage 3

Players below level 8 will die at the end to the second stage. Higher level players will progress to the third stage and become zombies.
However, the infection is not yet over. Zombie players will have to keep eating human flesh in order to sustain their immune system and prevent the virus from overtaking their body. Dead human players can be eaten by going near them and pressing the 'H' key. This will restore the zombie's health and suppress the infection.

Zombie players will also unlock special mutations every 10 minutes (10 in-game hours). These mutations include:
Hunter vision - See humans through walls and have a thermal vision (replaces bloody screen).
Hopper legs - Jump much higher.
Smoker - Drag players to you or drag yourself to any nearby location (30 seconds cooldown).

Stage 4

If zombie players will not eat enough human flesh, the virus will progress to the final stage, which will kill the player and replace them with a global walker.


Like any other zombie, viral zombies won't be able to enter safezones or shops. They will not be able to use weapons, vehicles or inventory. Any weapons that a player had prior to the infection will be removed.

Other zombies will not attack the player unless they are provoked. This does not apply to Chargex.
Zombie players will inflict 20 extra points of damage by punching someone.

The reward system works similarly to PvP. For each kill, you will receive a money reward which will depend on how much money does the victim have. You can earn up to 2500 per 1 kill. Human players killed by zombie players will lose that amount of money.
Human players who kill zombie players will earn 10 XP and take up to $1000 from their victim.

There is a 25% chance that global zombies will drop zombie flesh if they are killed using a knife, katana or chainsaw.

Zombie players will be marked by a red blip on the map to help identify them.
VIP players who become zombies won't be able to use Jetpack, change their skin to a non-zombie one, take weapons or enter the VIP club.

Forum media embedding

A new way of posting media has been added.
Simply paste a link and it will automatically be embedded.

More instructions can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=603

Inventory v1.4

This is a small update that changes how item containers are opened.
Instead of automatically opening, you will now have to press the 'i' key to open them. You can also close and open them again without having to re-enter the pickup.

This update also includes the ability to scroll items using up and down arrow keys if the item list becomes too long to fit on the screen.


Players can now track some of their game progress by viewing their achievements.
Press F4 to toggle the achievement panel.
The achievement panel shows you a list of achievements. Some of them have a progress bar.
You can also view other players' achievements by clicking on the icon to the right of your name and selecting a player.

New style

Epic-Row website is now displayed in a fresh new style!
It includes design tweaks for the premium page and a top bar with some new links such as our Steam group.

You are still able to switch back to the old style in case this style does not fit you. To do that, go to your user control panel, click on "Board preferences" and select another style.

VIP 3.5

VIP system has been updated. A couple of new features were added and one was changed.

VIPs will now automatically spawn with armor equipped instead of having to take it via VIP panel.
The armor button in VIP panel was removed.
Armor is also planned to become purchasable in Ammunation for all players soon.

The VIP panel now allows you to customize your vehicle:
Tuning vehicle parts
Changing vehicle colors
Changing head light color
Setting vehicle paint job
Setting a custom plate text

Another feature introduced in this update is setting the weather.
Weather can be set by specifying its ID which is in range of 0-255 inclusive. Note that weather types from 45 to 255 tend to be buggy.
You can also reset the weather to one that all players see by clicking the "Reset weather" button.


A video stand has been added in Area-69. It will play videos submitted by the community.
You simply have to go near it for the video to start playing.

More details about submitting a video can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=735

Mods v1.5.2

Modification panel now includes a new option that allows players to disable their default gun sounds.
This can help enhance gun sound mods.

Modification panel can now also be closed using the F10 key.
Server status:

Players: 12/256
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