by Drakath » Sun Jun 11, 2017 9:23 pm

The inventory system has been integrated into the food stores.
The food you buy will be added as items into your inventory, in food category.

Players are able to select the quantity of food they want to buy. Food properties will be written in the food store.
Foods will add fat to players who have the CJ skin, however this is only a temporary effect, it will not be saved.

Due to food being much more useful in the form of items, the prices were raised.

Inventory v1.2

by Drakath » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:45 pm

Inventory GUI has been improved. Other GUI elements are now displayed on top of it.
Item drop box no longer turns the inventory off.

A new command to use your items was added: '/use [Item name]'. This means that you can utilize binds to use your favorite items.
For example by typing: '/bind 1 use Wooden board', you will be able to place wooden boards by pressing the '1' key.

Food items were added and will soon be available for purchase at every food store.

Housing v3.6

by Drakath » Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:09 pm

The inventory feature has been integrated into the housing system. Players can now find various items when looting houses.
This includes a new item called medkit. Medkits are items located in the Aid category. The effect of medkit is to fully restore a player's health.
There is a 10% chance that a medkit will be found when looting a container found in any house.

House keys have been turned into items, which can be found in the Miscellaneous category. This means, that you can have as many house keys as you can carry.
There are three types of house keys:
SF house key - House in San Fierro
LS house key - House in Los Santos
LV house key - House in Las Venturas
New house key drop rate for global zombies is 2.5%.

Many new interiors and houses were added for you to explore.
The chance for finding unique houses has been increased to 2%.
Houses will now always be saved to your account so you can feel free to disconnect at any time.

You can now accept multiple invitations by typing: '/house accept [Inviter name]'; you can invite others by typing: '/house invite [Player name]'.
Players can accept invitations even if they already have a house. If done so, the old house is removed.
Player no longer needs to own a house in order to invite others.

With the release of ER-ZRPG 4.5.1, the zombie type setting will determine whether house zombies are local or global.

If you find any glitches, type: '/house id' to get the ID of the house and report it in forum.

Inventory v1.1

by Drakath » Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:55 pm

Item preview has been greatly improved.
Items will be displayed more accurately and players will be able to rotate the item using a mouse.

Item containers were added. Players can loot item containers to take the items they want.
Drop pickups have been replaced with containers.


by Drakath » Mon May 29, 2017 4:23 pm

An inventory system has been added to the server.
Players can access it by pressing the 'i' key.

At the moment, there are four different item categories but not all of them will be used yet:
The food category will consist of food items that can restore your health or give you other kind of boosts.
The aid category has replaced the drug system.
The ingredients category is currently used for weed farming items but it will later be extended in the upcoming crafting system update.
The miscellaneous category will be used for all other kinds of items.

Each item has its weight. By default player can carry 100 pounds. If you try to carry more than that, you will become over encumbered and lose the ability to sprint.
We do have plans to add ways of increasing maximum carry weight later on.

We will gradually integrate various game items to the inventory and add new ones in the future.

Drug system
Everyone's drugs have been reset and the money has been refunded (full price).
Weed stays the same.
DMT has been renamed to Dextroamphetamine.
Coke has been replaced with Adrenaline.
Heroin has been replaced with Morphine.

Adrenaline effect: Slows down time. Player will inflict 2x damage to local walkers.
Morphine effect: Player takes 2x less damage.

Drug duration has been changed to 1 minute but the prices were reduced.
You can no longer stack drug effect duration and they will not save after you disconnect.
Drug trading is no longer available.

Cannabis seeds and THC have been turned into items and will therefore be saved to your account.
There is no more limit to how many cannabis you can have.

Changed drug laboratory blip to Hospital.
Added new entrance markers.
Added support for notifications.

Drug shop GUI has been redesigned.

This update also includes the progress bar add-on, which will enhance user experience.
Progress bars will replace timers when performing various tasks. They will provide a visual representation of task's progress.
Currently, it is applied to harvesting cannabis and extracting THC but it will be used for other tasks in the future.

Squads v1.4

by Drakath » Tue May 16, 2017 6:20 pm

Added expiration time for applications.
All current squad applications were reset and future applications will only last 3 days. After that, applications will be automatically removed.

Added new weapon perks and changed its prices.
Weapons from squad perks will no longer replace your current weapons.

Added a setting to enable friendly fire in PvP.

Fixed not being able to demote squad members to Private rank.

Replaced chat outputs with notifications.

Added new message boxes.

Squad names are no longer case sensitive, which means players won't be able to create squads with different case variations in their names.
Players will also be able to apply to squads without having to type any capital letters.

Vehicles 1.5

by Drakath » Mon May 08, 2017 7:48 pm

Two new features were added in this update.

You can now descend from helicopters using ropes like SWAT teams do in Singleplayer.
To do that, simply press the 'x' key. Vehicle drivers are not able to descend.
Maximum helicopter altitude to descend from is 30 meters.

Shamal planes will now contain their own interiors.
This means that you can carry up to 8 passengers at once!
To enable your private jet interior, write: '/veh shamal' while piloting the plane.
After you enable it, any player who tries to enter your plane will enter its interior.
Vehicle owners are also able to enter such interiors as long as someone is piloting the plane.
If you would like to eject everyone from your private jet then type the command again or hide the vehicle.
In an event of vehicle owner disconnecting, every passenger will be ejected in mid air so bring up a parachute.


by Drakath » Sat May 06, 2017 8:31 pm

Players are now able to perform drive-by shooting.
Not all vehicles are eligible for this feature.
To enable drive-by mode press the right mouse button. You can then switch weapons by pressing 'q' and 'e' keys.

ERPhone 2.5

by Drakath » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:52 pm

Added chat ignore setting.
If you enable this setting, you won't see any chat messages from the players that you blocked in the SMS app.

Improved private messaging.
If you have MTA minimized, the MTA window in Windows taskbar will start to flash every time you receive a private message.

Downloads were optimized.

Mods v1.5

by Drakath » Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:23 pm

Fixed modification folders not restoring after being deleted.
Fixed default zombie skins being unloaded when unloading skin modifications.
Fixed Chargex, Nemesis and Volatile skins not appearing sometimes.
Added support for dynamic skin and sound file loading to ER-ZRPG.
Server status:

Players: 16/300
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