What happend with VIP privilages.

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What happend with VIP privilages.

Post by Kakarot » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:24 am

Hello dear players and staff.

i have a question about VIP Privilages.

Why VIP Privilages got sick.

No Car spawn for VIP
No Warp
and alot of thing i didnt saw yet.

Can Epicrow explain about that stuff ?

Thanks for reading.

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Re: What happend with VIP privilages.

Post by Myrfin222 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:02 pm

If you would come online more often you would understand .
There was plenty of game chaning Updates last 2-3 months .

Warp still exists . But now player to you wanted to warp , gets an information that you want to warp to him > He need to accept that .
Since new vehicle system was introduced to the server , Car Spawner was deleted . Now they are 3 Shops . Air Land and Water .
The only Level Requiment for vehicles are : Patriot [10[ Barracks [20] and Cargobob [30] .
Vehicles are costs less now but if destroyed they are gone for good . F3 was deleted but now it was added back . Kinda....
Where you hide it spawns .

If you want to know more about Updates catch me on the server and il explain everything i know and uderstand by now .

That's all .
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