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New player guide

Post by Galactix » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:16 pm

Hello, this guide will be helping you to start on EpicRow.
THIS IS WIP: Images and a few more details will come with time, so be sure to check it daily!

First, do not forget that our community is friendly and won't hesitate to help you if you have any questions! Ensure to be in global chat in order to asks questions to everyone connected on the server. To verify that you are in the global chat, do "/language" and select "English". Please refrain from using other languages than english, which is the main language of the server, in the global chat. If you want to ask a question in your own native language, do "/language" and select the proper chat.

You start at the base located in the zone 69, which is the first base you can access of the server. Once you'll hit level 20, you will be able to either:

-Set your home in the 2nd (located at San Fierro docks) and 3rd (located at Los Santos docks) bases
-Set your home in squad bases (located in Las Venturas, by blue areas on the map (F11))
-Set your home in the VIP club (disk icon in Los Santos)

Your objectives as a new player will be:
-To kill as much zombies as possible to get a good budget to begin with. You can configure your zombies with the "F2" key, but you should stick with the default parameters for your start. The best technique to farm money by killing zombie is to head to the oil tank zone located beneath the 1st base in the map (F11) after buying a few grenades. Then, what you have to do is simple; you need to go on one of the 4 oil tanks and wait for zombies to spawn under you, to then kill the whole group with a single grenade. This technique can give you 3000$(approximative zombie reward x 60 (max zombie count)) - 150$ (price of a grenade), so a total of 2750$ in ~5 minutes of AFK.

/!\ Don't forget that, in order to do this technique at its best potential, you may want to set your zombie limit to 60, in the "F2" menu.

-To make friends that will become your team mates and will help you to fight global zombies (see more informations under) and bosses. In addition to that, you can join a squad which will be a very good help since your squad can answer all your questions as a beginner and also help you to start out by either giving you tips or money

/!\ DO NOT ask for in-game items by an annoying/disrespectful way, if someone says no, just respect his choice. Not respecting this can result in punishments.

There are two groups of zombies, Local and Global. You can switch between those groups in your zombie options panel (F2).

/!\ Local zombies can be only seen by you and Global zombies are visible to every player in the server.

Local zombies:
Walkers become dangerous when they are in large groups.
They are very good for farming in the early game. These zombies become stronger if Night Mode is enabled.

Vulnerabilities: Teargas, head shots, low health, weak punches.
Rewards: 40-70 $, 1 XP (2 XP if Night Mode is enabled), 1% chance for a house key drop.
A zombie that appears at night with Night Mode enabled. He has 500 health points and is immune to head shots.
Volatiles are swift, they have very strong punches and some other special abilities.
They are not good for farming, it is best to run when you see one. A Volatile can call in other Volatiles to come (read "Night Mode" to learn more).

Vulnerabilities: Teargas, Minigun, Sunlight.
Rewards: 40-70 $, 5 XP.

Global zombies:

A zombie with low health and strong punches. He is immune to head shots from weaker weapons.
If they are in large groups, a Nemesis might show up.

Vulnerabilities: Head shots from powerful weapons, teargas, low health.
Rewards: 40-70 $, 1 XP, 2.5% chance for a house key drop, 1% chance for a cannabis seed drop.

A zombie who explodes once he is either killed or if he gets close enough to his target.
He has 150 health and is immune to head shots.

Vulnerabilities: Slow.
Rewards: 40-70 $, 3 XP, 2.5% chance for a house key drop, 1% chance for a cannabis seed drop.

Don't forget that you may encounter bosses!

Chargex is located in the Mount Chiliad (a red area on the map).
He carries a Minigun and shoots anyone in his area.
Chargex has 10000 health points so if you want to kill him, it will require you to gather a team of players.
In order to access Chargex's area, you need to be at least level 170
His reward at death is 7000$ + 5000$ as finish bonus + 3000$ as VIP bonus and 700 XP.

Nemesis is a zombie boss who can appear anywhere except houses, safe zones, Mount Chiliad and the Restricted Area.
His spawn chance is 1/1000.
Nemesis carries a rocket launcher. He is very aggressive and will chase you while shooting rockets.
He has 3000 health points. It is not very hard to kill him if you are not fighting him alone.
His reward at death is 10000$ + 5000$ as finish bonus + 5000$ as VIP bonus and 500 XP.

You probably noticed the level system, didn't you? Here are all the level rewards listed:

That's it for now! Don't forget to leave a comment saying either you liked my guide or not, and do not hesitate to give me help on how I can improve it and add details to it, so it is more complete and clear.

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