Disclaimer: those mods might not be compatible with the original EpicRow graphic settings, I recommend you to turn them off before installing any graphic mods below, and thank you.

Hello and welcome.

Some people have a very good PC that can run games with high settings and good framerate but also use the traditional old look of GTA:SA, so I made this topic as a solution for those players

A quick reminder: those mods are recommended for high-end PCs, if you don't have one then I don't recommend this for you since you can have issues with the game crashing or low framerate.

The first ENB mod is: SA_DirectX_2.0 by Makarus

Link to the mod: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas ... rectx-2-0/

This ENB mod is just magnificent, it completely transfers your game 180° degrees from HD sky, remastered effects, shadows and reflections.

I suggest you watch a tutorial about installing this to GTA:SA first before getting to this part (use the MTA:SA folder instead)

After you're done with replacing the files, all you have to do is rename your GTA directory folder to something else, by doing this your MTA application asks you for the GTA directory folder path so it can use every visual impact you installed. Keep in mind to use the appropriate settings that your PC can handle, or if you literally have NASA PC then just rush for the highest settings for the best visual effects, and voila! Your game has been transferred.

The next ENB mod is: GTA 5 Graphics by Ethmods

Link to the mod: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas ... -graphics/

If you just didn't like the previous mod, or you had an issue with it, try this one else it's looks like the previous one but it looks more similar to GTA 5.

You should follow the exact same steps to install this one and there you go.

Thank you for reading this topic, I hope that you found something useful in it that changed your experience with the game.