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Nymphetamine issued an unjustified mute

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[2022-06-22 05:38:00] [Output] : MEEKZZ [ES]: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[2022-06-22 05:38:01] [Output] : s0z [ES]: q risa
[2022-06-22 05:38:02] [Output] : Vixtrim has been muted by Retrospective. Harassing players (30 mins)
[2022-06-22 05:38:07] [Output] : [Local] Layth: ي ½ي´°
[2022-06-22 05:38:08] [Output] : RomanLastra [ES]: ?
[2022-06-22 05:38:09] [Output] : Rubik_98_YT [ES]: fue muy buena pelea
[2022-06-22 05:38:09] [Output] : Retrospective [ES]: q risa q s0zآ؟
[2022-06-22 05:38:09] [Output] : KIRA_DAIKI [ES]: xd
[2022-06-22 05:38:13] [Output] : s0z [ES]: nada xD
[2022-06-22 05:38:16] [Output] : New player eleven011 has joined the server!
[2022-06-22 05:38:18] [Input] : say ي ½ي´°
[2022-06-22 05:38:18] [Output] : Layth [ES]: ي ½ي´°
[2022-06-22 05:38:18] [Output] : Retrospective [ES]: Me parece
[2022-06-22 05:38:21] [Output] : MEEKZZ has been muted by nymphetamine. Excessive swearing (30 mins)
Note: this symbol (ي ½ي´°) was intended to be 🔰 but for some reason it looks like this
Detailed description:

How's it going staff members? I hope you're doing great. Anyways I would like to clarify that the admin in the name of nymphetamine takes his role of moderating in his favor as if he owns the server and can do whatever he wants believing that the admin panel is some sort of a toy he can mess with. In this screenshot, you can see that nym has muted MEEKZZ for no reason shortly after losing the war, when MEEKZZ talked to him nym referred that he said 'zzzzzz' and that he did the right thing by muting him arbitrarily and that he's ready to protect himself and face the consequences.
If possible, I would like you to monitor the staff member while doing his job or just give him a lecture on whether or not he can mute a player in a particular situation.

Note: By the way, since this report only concerns me, nym, and the staff members capable of giving roles please don't make useless replies since nym can defend himself unless 24 hours pass then you can post anything helpful.

I'm reporting on behalf of MEEKZZ.
The staff member had been warned, and vows to avoid punishing people under such reasons in the future.
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