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Ladies and gentlemen,

It's my distinct pleasure to announce an upcoming event in the game scheduled to take place this Saturday, March 4th. The event in question will be a quiz composed of 40 questions in total - 20 questions related to the plot of GTA San Andreas and 20 questions pertaining to the Epic-Row server. The quiz will commence at 20:00 UTC+1 and will be conducted in the chat of the Epic-Row server. Please refer to the rules below and don't hesitate to participate in this exciting event!

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
  • First place: $500,000 in-game money
  • Second place: $300,000 in-game money
  • Third place: $200,000 in-game money
Should the event be well-received and attract significant player participation, we'll consider hosting similar events in the future with even more substantial rewards.

  1. The quiz comprises 40 questions, of which 20 pertain to the Epic-Row server, while the remaining 20 relate to the plot of GTA San Andreas.
  2. Each question carries a point value of 1.
  3. The first player to respond correctly will receive one point.
  4. Answers must be submitted in the global chat, as responses posted in other chatrooms will not be deemed valid, irrespective of how quickly they are posted.
  5. If no correct response is provided within a two-minute period, the question will be deemed void. The event organizer will then furnish the correct answer and proceed to the next question to preclude any potential tardiness.
  6. Only answers conveyed in the English language will be taken into consideration.
  7. Each player is permitted to submit three attempts to answer a given question. It is advisable to scrutinize your response meticulously before sending it to prevent the possibility of a "hit or miss" scenario. Even if the fourth response is correct, a player who has already provided three incorrect answers will not receive a point.
  8. The event shall terminate upon the provision of the answer to the final question.
Start time:
  • 13:00 in Mexico
  • 14:00 in Colombia, Peru
  • 15:00 in Venezuela
  • 16:00 in Chile, Argentina
  • 19:00 in United Kingdom, Portugal
  • 20:00 in Poland, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Belgium
  • 21:00 in Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon
  • 22:00 in Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq
  • 23:00 in United Arab Emirates
If you have any questions or concerns related to the upcoming event, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm delighted to provide any necessary clarifications. I fervently hope that a substantial number of you will be able to participate in the event. Moreover, I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to Drakath and the other members of the staff for their invaluable contributions in organizing, publicizing, and offering rewards for this event. I must emphasize that this event wouldn't have been possible without their tireless efforts and dedication.

Let us come together and enjoy ourselves during this exciting occasion on Saturday!
Let me reveal the final results.
It brings me great pleasure to congratulate player Sirin., who emerged victorious with an astounding 26 points, and will be awarded a grand prize of $500,000 in-game currency. Additionally, player River, who earned 4 points will receive an honorable mention and an additional sum of $300,000 in-game currency. Lastly, player kevin2727, who scored 2 points, will be presented with a sum of $200,000 in-game currency.

The event was an immensely enjoyable experience and I eagerly await your feedback. Should the response be positive, I'll plan to organize similar events in the future. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Drakath for his substantial support of this initiative. This event wouldn't have happened, if not him.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every participant who made the event a success, regardless of the final outcome. To those who weren't able to score any points, your effort and enthusiasm are highly appreciated. I'm looking forward to organizing more similar events in the future, providing you with additional opportunities to compete and emerge victorious next time.
Congratulations on the event it was fun.
I also want to thank you for the award. and congratulate Sirin for first place and River for second place.

My English is bad, but I still had a great time. :)