The server has been updated to MTA:SA Server v1.6-release-21861.
Please update your MTA version to continue playing.

Notable changes:
  • Fixed Bloodring Banger animation. This also means that Bloodring Banger can no longer be locked, as entry happens through the window
  • Zombie targeting now takes your Z coordinate into account
  • The money cap has been raised from 99.999.999 (8 digits) to 999.999.999 (9 digits) to match the maximum native UI value
  • More breakable custom map objects
  • Server FPS limit raised to 74
  • Many high FPS-related inconsistency issues have been fixed
  • Added missing GTA special character skins (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 42, 65, 86, 119, 273, 289)
  • Pictures taken with the camera weapon are now saved in higher quality
  • Scoreboard can now display player countries (opt-in)
  • New graphics setting for PS2-style sun glare effect
To display your country in the scoreboard, enable the setting in the scoreboard settings.